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Hints of spring

.. swiftly overturned by foul days but still we enjoy our times out .. on the whole!  Molehills at Footscray make for watercooler moments among the gang; Tira shows Maxwell her fiercest play; little Rocco has a chest rub while Charlie looks the other way; Fidget Maxwell and Sadie have a giggle mid-game; Nelson and Sadie romp in cold waters; Max and Sonny show up better in the leaves; Charliepoo faces off Sonny in the distance from Tash and Rocco; Jack & Nelson have experience of hopping on benches for sweeties ~ can you tell?!

Bless em all, what a darling collection I've got  :)  :)


Last of the year, first of the year

Happy new y-ears all, ours have all been pricked in happy greetings, despite the ongoing Grim weather and consequent mudbath.


Some chance encounters

Some lovely poses, happy encounters, and rear views .. CharlieWestie chats with the pony at Footscray when we give her an apple; stopping to let pedestrians cross the Heath; posing on a log, they volunteer to do this since I encouraged with sweeties aeons ago; several lovely bottoms; Charliepoo nose to nose with Maxie Maxwell; Nelson and Maxwell at the river; Charliepoo stepping on the gas as Fidget relishes the freedom of a chase without me on the end of her very long line; Charlie and Maxwell look like angels in a ray; Charlie watches Max and Larry being well'ard boys as of old ...



Guest dogs

I've been bad at updating this, it's so clunky, I will have to sort a facebook page instead ...

I had two of my ex dogs back this week, lovely to see Moses and Kaslo and mix the old friends up again. And some portraits: all three Charlies in the car; Charlie and Moses dabbling; Nelson taking on a huge sheep (safely behind bars, so he becomes a big brave man!); bottoms at waters edge; Charlie showing he's confident enough to sport my bright pink tag when I ran out of others; Tashi in his genius innovation jumper made of a human jumper sleeve; doggies seeking snackies in the grass.


We've been too busy!

The trouble with having too much fun at the meadows all summer and trekking through the river with them, is that I kept missing opportunities to snap them! So just a few to show some of them busy about their business, or in CharlieWestie's case very much not busy, taking in the rays on his specially piled stack of cushions; so what if the humans have to sit on the bare wooden chairs, that's quite right!?!


Lovely summer walks again

Here we all are at Footscray meadows where we spend a lot of time at the moment ... .avoiding the picnics and swans and having fun.  Group bums; Busta after a mystery sortie; Nelson being towelled by mummy after the deluge; Jack balancing; unaccustomed puddles in Greenwich Park; the weir; kids on bench waiting for Treeeets!


Ummm ... April showers?!

We've still got in a bit of swimming.  I'm so very impressed and besotted with my crew at the moment for taking the swimming lessons in their stride ... every doggy now happy to follow me across the shallow bits, even if a little carry or a bunch of treats is needed to get the less certain ones underway!  Olive enjoyed her snuffling for treats on shady grass at home on the hottest day, too much for a Frenchie; kids with noses to ground at Footscray; Jack luxuriating in the absence of water lol; Sadie and Maxwell relishing a dip; as always, with Charlies; Max and Kas watch a terrier digging contest ... Maxwell wins for scruffiness, as usual!; which is a shame as Sadie has grown up into a beautiful young lady with a very stylish haircut - not apparent in this pic - , so M would now like to become a sophisticated gentleman but he hasn't the first idea how ... The chihuahuas hover in the shallows waiting to get a reward, they are super brave because our river goes up to their tummies at least, bless them for their adventurous spirit and willingness to join in!  Very proud of them all  :)  :)


Water fun

Glad the doggy raindance worked at last, it was getting very wearing keeping cool in that heat, though here you can see how we did it, other than staying rigidly in shade even the way we drove and parked ...

Tashi looking so soulful; Busta tiptoeing with huge bravery; Max grinning with Charlies,;Sadie n her boyf Maxwell helping splash Charlies; Rocco shouting the odds at a terrapin which ignored him!; Olive and CharlieWestie chillin in the shade; the tinies snuffling for treats.


Summer fun

Long delay, here's some of the dogs in clover ... we've spent a lot of time in our favourite watery places and tried Danson for first time in years too  :)

Jess accompanies all the Charlies looking fine in the buttercups; Tiramisu is such a brave balancer on a high log; Sadie, Charlie & Max, and Maxie Peke all relax in meadows; Maxwell looks out sadly for his dogwalker leaving; Charliepoo is the non-terrier party; Sadie ignores Maxwell's undignified bottom hanging behind her as he has his drink from the tree pub; Kaslo and Charlie recreate the DrDoolittle Push-me pull-you, Maxwell and Nelson cooperate on a big stick; Jack Charlie and Maxwell try out Danson's beach; CharlieWestie looks so noble while tiny Rocco enjoys a putter about behind him.



Goldilocks days

... not too hot, not too cold!, absolutely just right! The very warm days I've been giving them all swimming lessons at Footscray meadows, wonderful, all now confident enough to paddle across the shallow river with me so we can zigzag about keeping lovely and cooool.

Max mid-shake makes a brilliant silhouette; Busta & Rocco study a significant point of interest; Moses Maxwell and Nelson peer into a hole that they'd love to claim ownership of! Duke supervises sillies Kaslo and Maxwell; Team Terrier scan the little field at Oxleas; Tiramisu ignores teen lovers Maxwell and Sadie sharing a loving cup; Charlie Schnoodle and Max look like a prancing team but it's because M has a stick Ch wants; the extended gang splash happily across the river, knowing that exorbitant praise and sausage await on the other side ~ Jess has been helping teach them about this.  All now stand in the water looking expectant!


That's more like it

Some warmth at last and how Nature is responding to it!

As are we. A catchup on our weeks: two Charlies in tight competition here for Most Adorable Charlie Portrait, rivalled also by matinee idol pose of Jack catching a few rays while the young fools play silly; Max does the deep swimming he loves at Footscray while the terriers stand on swan-guard; Charlie Maxwell and Kaslo form a daisy chain with a difference; M and K show their colours among the bluebells; Tira and Nelson both adorable in the shallows; I think it's Sadie Maxwell and Jack leading Charliepoo over the troll bridge at Sutcliffe, trip-trap, trip-trap ... and then rolling pleasurably in the sunshine; Jack CharlieSchnoo Kaslo and Charlie seek rewards among the grass, so cooperatively, all my dogs are so brilliant and good natured at that game; Sadie Maxwell and Nelson frame the lake with heron just discernible on its nest, probably sighing at this lot messing about there!


False Spring

Frrrrreeezing out this week, back to double fleeces for me and brisk activity for the puplets!

Charliepoo laughs at some secret funny; the boys trickle down the slope with Rocco in the lead; Jack reigns ober Charlie and Tiramisu; Kaslo and Nelson both titter at me while Maxwell licks his nostrils; Max and CharlieWestie ~ Bless!; Tira revels in sun and grass; Sadie Kaslo and Max splash happily; little Bailey cat dresses up as a bride  :-D



We can't stay away from the water ... though now it's swan season we stick to the flowing river and leave the lake to them, stroppy beasts!


No particular title!

OK just loads of photos to catch up on our Spring and a very remiss gap in blog. Water features in a lot of them, from extravagant Max-splashes to dainty toe-dips from the mini-me, and lots of slurping by French-boy Enzo.


Moody weather

Showers and chill don't hide the odd Spring moments  :)

Sadie with babies Kaslo and Enzo in the river; CharlieWestie wondering off from the 'elephant trail' of Charlie, Max and Charlie; Maxwell beats Enzo and Max to the pub; Maxwell and Charlie play wild; CharlieSchnoo and the miniature men in a woodland conga; Tiramisu climbed on a rock then got a bit stuck needing rescue despite the Maxes' encouragement.


Love in the air

We had such a nice Valentine's day ... despite Maxwell sailing close to the wind by giving two valentines to his two girlfriends ~ who shared a cabin in the car .. ! He and Sadie synchronise aqua stick-retrieval, very cool; Max Kaslo Sadie and Larry look like a police search line hunting for treats; Charliepoo shouts at his ball one a nice solo walk with me; Duke leads Jack and Max through the woods. Enzo Kaslo Sadie and Charlie Schnoodle bundle in the river together on an unbelievably Balmy Feb day; Sadie and Charlie Westie look so intent observing at something in the Park. Not sure why so many of Sadie this time! 



Just lots of pics of last week or so to catch upon what my beautiful bunch have been up to  :)  We have seen signs of spring, and all the dogs are blooming in tune with it, all in very happy moods! We have been exploring in Greenwich Park for a change, and the scrubland near Sutcliffe park and Eltham park as well as Footscray a lot.


Weather range

Not had much energy for pictures with this vile virus but here's some of my delightful kids making snow angels (or devils) / paddling / birdwatching our egret at the meadows / at the zoo / out and about, and irresistible Maxwell looking Sooo handsome in his wedding suit at his parents' happy day last year ~ I'd marry him!!



Happy New Year

Oh dear, Such a long time with no pics of the lovelies , sorry, busy times.  We have been having a lovely catch up and hearing all about turkey dinners and what Santa Paws brought them ... so they must all have been good dogs this year!

On the shortest day in December walks overran a tad and Olive and Charliepoo were thrilled to have their flashers on for a dusk potter; Nelson and Maxwell's little bums flank Max's in the leaves; Jack looks indulgently or cautiously at an ambitious Maxwell about to bash him with a tree bark; Jess and Charlie very nimble on a log; Kaslo Maxwell Nelson Sylvie take on Max at Footscray; Kaslo and Tira brave a paddle on a chilly day; Westie club in the van with Charlie braving a share with bonkers little Sylvie; Duke Charlie and Jess seek to get to the bottom of an intriguing sniff.


Santa Paws

... is on his way!  We hope ... Jess has her paw-shaped stocking at the ready  :) 

Charlie was very proud of his poppy; Max & Enzo So want Charliewestie's ball ... for a while! Enzo and Maxwell play really silly, Nelson and I can't see who, maintain decorum; mo-one bothers with decorum at Footscray here, I love the sun behind them, ears all agog; Larry and Max don't notice if they're in water or not, Maxwell more cautious; Kaslo and Charliepoo carefree; Max Kaslo Tirsmisu Nelson get into the waterfeature at Maryon Wilson, we love the change of being there ...


More leaves and a rainbow!

Getting a bit behind so here just some pics from last week or two to catch up. Maxwell and Charlie passing on a log look gorgeous' Jess and Charliepoo nose to nose in the Park; all three Charlies together!; the vast spaces of Footscray meadows seem even more vast to my gang of 'mini-men', with Charlie Schnoodle; Jack and Charlie adopt different preferred positions on the bench; Enzo pleads with Charliepoo to relinquish the ball ~ no chance, Enzo, I'm afraid!



Leaves and moons

Duke looks really soft in fading grey light under rising moon on late Oxleas walk; Sonny Maxwell and Kaslo are in full energy mode in middle of the day, holding onto so tolerant Nelson's trailing line; Kaslo fits in well with TeamTerrier; Enzo and Jess flanked by Charlies make a nice row of backviews; big Max accentuates his height over little Max as Charlie Westie steps off unconcerned; Max Charliepoo Jack and CharlieSchnoo make a nice varied colour palette; Charlie Busta and Jess are concentrating hard on something at Footscray. Enzo finding a beer can treasure considers what does 'hair of the dog' mean ...!


Catching up

Apologies for picture shortage, been sooo doogybusy ..

Like these of my babies up high ... Jess and Charlies happy with a bench, Jack has to trump that (not a topical US election reference!); doggies grazing in beautiful sunlight at Footscray; Maxwell and Nelson compete for Crazy Water Terrier of the year; Max 1st and Nelson face up with lovely bums aloft!


Keeping the chill at bay

Finally getting a bit brrr out so we are doing lots of running to keep warm  :)

Charliepoo and CharlieSchnoodle hit it off, especially with a ball in the mix ... Olive tells Enzo what being a FBD is all about ~ though they are such different versions! Larry listens intently to Nelson's whisperings while Max joins in; Tiramisu loves the molehills at Footscray; Nelson does a 'Muttley' laugh out with Maxwell and Charlie; Jack finds being identical colour to straw grass in Greenwich Park excellent for camouflaged squirrelling; two Charlies investigate a common sniff, so white against the green; Enzo follows Max about in some hero worship  :)  Jack thinks it's time he started driving lessons.



A lot of lovely bums: Joey's, as Tashi passes by; Kaslo's & Enzo's little twin puppy-bums as they dip for a drink in sparkling river; Busta charming my camera in front of Jessica's rear; Jack, Tira, Nelson and Maxwell make a perfect set of backs as they pull me up the end slope to car at Oxleas ~ so helpful!  I adore Max's bum-up playbow, he's got the best play invite in South East London, throws himself onto his elbows and stays stock still watching his target ~ here new boys Kaslo & Sonny who don't yet understand his lingo  :-D  Rocco & Busta gaze into the distance perched on my knee, Rocco was feeling poorly and Busta needed to share his cuddle, blessss.


Just lovely pics of happy people

I love these, though I wonder why I haven't taken any good ones of the mini-men (Rocco Busta & Tashi) lately ~ sorry boys!  It's odd, but practically all my dogs are boys these days ...

Maxwell is a nutter around the dog bowl at the woods, he uses it as a douche, so I have to refill it for others to drink from, which he of course assumes is for him to have more water-play ...  :-D  Kaslo and Sonny are thrilled with each other's puppy company, growing up discernibly though.  Jess and Enzo help me choose treats at the petshop one morning.  Love the Max following Jess following a speedy Charlie in Eltham park. Sonny whispers to Charlie Schnoodle while Larry looks benignly on (as he always does). Lovely to have Joey  for a few days, here making a nice shape with Nelson Enzo and Sylvie. Kaslo shows off on the highwalk with Charlie and Sonny as groundlings.  Kaslo and Maxwell hit it off like old pals, and asked to share a cabin on the way home, cuties!


What beautiful dogs

... that is an exclamation, not a question ...!!  Olive has her unique combination expression of bafflement and mild disapproval as Duke pauses to shake his head; Jack really isn't posing but looks as though he is; two Charlies share a love of chase games, as long as it can be agreed whose turn to be the chasee; Enzo and CharlieWest and Jack await the opening of the treat pocket while we have our sit-down; CharlieWest is so cool at paddling now he dips in with the young ones very happily; Max joins in / supervises the terrier teens in their silly play  :)


Puppies everywhere!

Little Kaslo had his first walk out this week .. well, a walk / carry alternately; he did brilliantly!  Meanwhile Enzo feels like quite the old paw, here he's insisting Big Boy Maxwell plays with him! Charliepoo is slightly on the edge of Maxwell and Nelson's game, which is probably a good place to be as they play very silly and rough.  Pebbles Larry Max and Charlie wonder how come the Park looks so autumnal already ~ and that was last week! We saw a heron and a terrapin on one walk in Eltham last week, soaking up the last rays of summer. Jack and CharlieWestie like to gain height on a picnic bench. Kaslo is amazingly independent already! Team terrier romp in the Park. Charlie and Sylvie appear almost as a Siamese Westie  :-D



Hello again dogs

Back from our hols and excited to see dogs again, including new Charlie Schnoodle ~ henceforth Charles III!! Here he is splashing with Sylvie, then with Charles I; Maxwell daubed in some kind of face paint; Jack and the Maxes at the zoo; Larry Max Sylvie and Charles II cooling in Maryon Wilson stream; and lastly, tiny little Kaslo exerting every scrap of his considerable charm on me in his puppy visits .. awww!


Hello new dogs

Welcome to Enzo Frenchie puppy and Maxwell JRT x ... lovely boys, getting right in to social mixing and adventuring!  And talking of adventures, Charlie Westie and Jack have to take joint prize for bravest doggie this week, both venturing way deeper in to the water at Footscray meadows and even crossing the river with me ... totally amazing, boys, I'm so proud of you!  And Enzo so young, got right into the pack making new friends, learning varied dog ways, coping with the odd demonstration of bossiness, discovering the wonderful woods and parks near his home... We even hooked up with friend Emily and her dog Madge, close up between my feet hoping for a treat. Maxie Peke joined my two Maxes for a trio of Maxiness!  Young ones Sylvie Enzo and Maxwell have a youthful game.  Jack knows his closeups are always a killer!


Stretching summer days

Summer might be ending soon but we're still in those lovely long days ... The gang at Eltham park; Max Larry and Sybil (not mine but we walk together with lovely girl's dogwalker) get on great at Oxleas; Zebby Chilllaxes in style; Max is curious towards Jess, and Nelson same with Larry as usual trying to submerge in any drop of water!


Splashing and long grass romps

Busta, Charlie, Tashi, Rocco love the overgrown adventures in Eltham park north; Zebby Nelson and Charlie love the stream at Sutcliffe; Tira and Tashi both charming in flow towards the camera; Nell and Scout came out for a day rounded off by a dip at Footscray; ok so this isn't meant to be a showcase for my own dog but it is sweet how Jess has learned to help herself from her bedtime biscuit box, only ever taking one unless she is offered more.. I know a lot of dogs who would be incredulous at this sort of madness LOL!!


A few more

Love this action shot of Charlie Westie feeling sprightly with his smart haircut, and almost in the water which he doesn't often deign to do! Olive leads Jack and Pebbles on a sniffathon in G Park; Tira Nelson and Jess have a terrier-stylee game;  Zeb leads (always) the gang in our hidden meadow trail at Oxleas;  Larry Max Tira and Nelson enjoy watery frolics then a good drying-off at Maryon Wilson park.


Holiday fun

Well we're not on holidays yet but we don't mind, it's fun here too!  We've got sun, splashing and sausage ..

Charliepoo Sylvie and Max allow Larry first dibs in the Maryon Wilson plunge pool ~ they'll be lucky if he doesn't soak up the whole lot; he demonstrates the hatrick of happiness in a Retriever lying soaked with a stick and a ball in his possession; Sylvie takes the centre route at Sutcliffe's stream; Tiramisu heads off unhesitant across the river at Footscray leaving Larry Nelson and Max standing; Larry does his best to retrieve a stone I chucked in!; Charliepoo joins the minimen so bravely, not really voluntarily but tempted by morsels and he is getting so courageous!


Too much summer now!

From rain-dodging to shade-chasing ... insane weather!

Sorry I haven't updated for ages, it's been hot and busy and just lovely to see some summer, except the silly days, when all efforts were for keeping in shade and water.

Bye bye sweet Solo, off to live by the beach, how perfect for you, little waterbaby!

Jack skips through the 'jungle'; Solo and Zeb show off swimming; with Charlie looking lovely clean white; Nelson & Tira compete for Cuddliest Jack Russell; Jack & Nelson do same on bench; Jack experiments with a light paddle for first time, hooray! He seems to have dominated photos this week after his holiday ..


Finally summer

Some of our friends on their holidays but the rest of us so excited about a showing of some sun. Makes ya wanna chase, roll, paddle, pose, chill, find nice little drinkies ...  ;)


A White Wash

A bit of an emphasis on the little white ones and Max this week, don't know why, they just did some nice posing  :)

Charlie Sylvie and Charlipoo make up a whole white wash; an hour at 60 degrees should do it!  Sylvie tries to lure Charliepoo into unexpected puddles ~ No, I Won't he says. Then he shouts consistently at Max because he's got a ball; Sylvie knows this won't work! Still trying later ...  Larry Max Charlie and Jack spread out at Oxleas meadows... As do Zeb Max Jack and Duke.  All good 'clean' fun!


Midsummer night's dream ..?!

Yep, still getting soaked regularly and now the nights will be drawing in!!

Lots of terrier fun here, with Nelson, Tiramisu, Jack, Charliepoo, Sylvie, Pudding, Charlie, plus the minimen, Max, Zebby and Duke careering through the crazy monsoon season long grass which is all of our favourite's this time of year.


Sun and rain

We've drenched several times last week and looks like more to come ... nearly at midsummer , good grief.

Duke lags behind Lily Jess and Charliepoo; they gossip about him behind his back; Charlie Westie is outnumbered by 3 JRT types, as we have Pudding joining us for a week; Zebedee Solo and Max dip in and out of lovely cool water; Zeb teaches the little ones how to paddle


Back from holidays

Jessica Terrier is very relieved too ... she is not a natural boat dog!  Lovely to see my gorgeous pups again.

Jack and Nelson reflect each other in body position; lads and lasses cruise at Oxleas; Charlie adorable on bench; mini men always beautiful; Zeb Sylvie Larry and Charliepoo explore Woolwich Common for a change, we all love a change of scene!



We've loved the sunny days ... though Tiramisu prefers a dust bath to a nice clean dip; look at that grubby bod! Max Solo Larry and Zeb are the biggest waterbabies, as is Lily choosing the watercourse path in floodplain Sutcliffe park. Tira volunteers for the driving, while CharlieWestie rubs his face blissfully on the lush grass, and the terrier-based trio pose for the camera, though Charliepoo always looks worried instead of smiling at the camera..


The grass is singing

We love all the different grass this time of year; springy short heathy turf you can wriggle on like a loofah, long grass you can disappear in, cut grass you can scat up the clumps of and scratch your toes, vast stretches of grass you can rocket along at full tilt. As shown by Charlie, Nelson, Tiramisu, Charliepoo, Jess, Rocco. Zebedee is equally at home in all forms of water, plunging into the deeps or skittering along the shallow pebbly courses. Tashi has formed a massive crush on Zeb, who doesn't really know how to respond but doesn't mind the little shadow! Jack leads the Jacks in the woods, a serious sniffing interlude between meadow romps.


All hail ... !!

Ridiculous weather, coat on and off several times a walk ... we haven't noticed hail creating a rainbow ...

I love the kids heading off to the No Dogs area of Oxleas .. had to let them have hope for a moment :) ... sunny portraits of Zeb and Charlie; Sylvie or CharlieWestie, can't remember which! with Charliepoo; Scout and Nelson chew the fat; Charlie Westie concurring with Charliepoo that it is not necessary to jump off the boardwalk at Sutcliffe to mingle with the big / silly / wet / boisterous dogs leaping in the water.


Guest dogs

We've had the honour of a couple of guest dogs this month, dear Mollie Frenchie, and supercharged adorable terrier Scout with occasionally her gorgeous dignified older sister Nell, the most noble looking Fox Terrier with the strongest will!

We have been all over, lots of Footscray meadows walks - that I recommend to all my owners; the dogs adore it! - and the animal park, Sutcliffe and a pop to Greenwich park on a drizzly day safely bereft of picnickers!



Addicted to Footscray

All feeling lovely in the warming days and really loving the beauty of Footscray meadows near Sidcup, we recommend it tp our mummies and daddies for lovely weekend walkies too!

[I will add proper words later, gotta go walk now!  :)  :) ]


Tons of pics

Those darn dogs should just stop being so cute / amusing / interesting .. !

We have mostly been at Footscray meadows lately, it is utterly wonderful for swimmers , paddlers, gallopers, sniffers alike and we always overrun down there so you'll likely have noticed some snoozy pups of late.

The Chihuaha boys; a terrier-based crazy game; Jack & Charliepoo; Pebbles & Olive; Lily with Duke; Effie; Charliepoo upside down; Tira and Jack on their first Foostcray foray, such joy in them :)  :)


Easter puppies

I hope they all had a lovely time with their families and no chocolate!  Actually these pics are from a couple of weeks ago, I'm catching up ...


Drying out underpaw at last

about time, a few consecutive days make it increasingly more pleasant and less dog-encrusting .. we are all in great moods! Charlie Tiramisu and Olive find the steps below Severndroog castle a good spot to re-lax; Jess and the Charlies like Duke with them when he's calm; new girl Tira-Miss watches Zebedee ~ the others have learned it makes you dizzy to try!; Effie and Charlies adorable threesome; Larry Jack and Charlie splosh across the bridge at Sutcliffe; lovely Busta concentrates on the bridge at Footscray.


Byebye Joey :(

a bit belatedly; I reluctantly handed him back last week to his own dog walker post-baby; it was a privilege to be trusted by her as well as his owners, he is great company that Beagle and we miss him lots. Apologies that some browsers put my photos sideways no matter what I do :-/

I love the action shots of Effie puglet, she got Spring in her sails like a lot of them! Charliepoo and Nelson study something afar; romping on the slopes of Oxleas, drying out a fraction and counting; Jack is so cool (or warm) in his red jersey with Max and the Charlies;


Leap-ing about

Well. I don't know if Jessica Terrier did any proposing today among her lovely array of eligible male walking companions but I haven't heard of any engagements  :D

Joey woos (?) Jess; Zeb can carry a whopping stick while swimming in the deep; Nelson was wondering what Zeb looking at but looks the wrong way; Charliepoo and Sylvie explore ditches on Woolwich Common; Charliepoo Joey and Jess play Rough!; Duke and Charlie Westie have a meeting of minds or at least noses on the still-water-running path at Sutcliffe; Lily and Charlie find such pleasure in the wonderful sun.  Also thrown in the beautiful ancient soul of Zachary cat, exploiting the only sunpatch in his garden.

We all love each other  :)



A LOT of pictures ..

A bit of a backlog, some of the nicest pictures here. Tiramisu and Nelson understand the essence of being a JRT; Max loves to gloat when he's got possession of a (found, yukky old) ball; Solo basks in the deepest water at Footscray; the tinies peer down at me in the shallows washing my boots but aren't about to join me!; Charlie looks contemplative; Zeb has found and refuses to surrender a Beret for goodness sake; Sylvie doesn't mind being eaten by Joey her hero, and hopes he admires her filthy belly!  Effie asks Sylvie if she's planning on going down the steps; Joey has an amazing play with a huge Great Dane we met, he will play with absolutely anyone and adjusts his style as appropriate, a great skill Joe!



Love is in the air

It is .. Tashi can't keep away from Duke!  Who while not reciprocating the adoration is very kind in being 'just a friend'  ;)  And Jack is so irresistible in his outdoor wear that I had to put in two of him.


Focus on the little ones!

Well mainly.  Hello to little Tiramisu, what a brilliant name for a tri-colour JRT!  I don't usually include photos of the dogs weeing but I like this one of Tira checking out Jack's credentials while his leg is aloft!!  Effie flanked by two Charlies all study the ground intensely.  Charliepoo and Sylvie wonder if they've been called; Charlie and Larry (rogue Big Dog) can't believe the crocuses already; Joey Duke Max and Solo have a Big Dogs' game. Effie Charlie Sylvie and Jess turn their back view round to the cutest front view!


Stretching out

We all love a wriggle and a roll .. not Olive's style though, but she does like to do her ballerina stretches and looks very cute indeed doing it!


Stormy weather

.. horrible, the wind is scary and the rain is unpleasant, underpaw is truly tedious ... !

But, the little ones still enjoy their outings, of course!


On a roll

Spoiled for lovely photos ... Tashi and Busta, Rocco, Charlie love Footscray for a treat; Effie pug was really running about with Joey and Charlie ~ I think she surprises herself as much as me when she heads into a gallop!  Jack, Pebbles, Charlie and Jess enjoy Greenwich park for a change; Larry Max and Zebby will be disappointed if Sutcliffe park ever dries out properly!






Few more photos

What sweethearts.  Charliepoo takes Rubix's recall training in paw; Joey looks comical asking Max to play; Lily is as ever to be found in any available water, while Charliewestie and Maxie Peke look on mildly sceptically.


All weathers

.. we've had a gamut lately, and we enjoy them all,  more or less!  Everyone in very silly moods today cos of the wind.

Just some nice pics without words, as Jess and I too tired after her Agility class which we love  :)



but a nice change from the bloody rain!  Nelson finds something funny; Zeb and Max don't care at the even higher floods at Sutcliffe; Charlie leads play at Oxleas; Max Duke and Joey spread out to cover the whole slopes; Jack, Jess and Charliepoo head home tired and happy; Effie and Charlie consider their choices direction-wise; Aunty C administers small pieces of venison liver sticks (sorry about boyfriend's finger over camera!)


Flabergasting floods

We all thank our stars we don't live up North with the terrible floods but even local land has been an eye-opener (and a welly-wetter) with the saturation greater than I remember seeing it over last 7 years. Sutcliffe park ever more prone to deep floods since the development around it, was almost more water than land .. hilariously exploited by Zebedee the mer-dog. Duke and Max have a mist-shrouded game; Lily leads a bedraggled crew resignedly through the mud; Charlie Larry and Max beam in the sun rays we were treated to after a soaking all day; Joey and Zeb head on autopilot towards the disappeared boardwalk; my gang merge with my friend's spaniels in a cluster of hope at treat dispensing; Olive and Charlie Westie share a sniff.


Happy new cheers!

Wow I am sooo lucky going back to work after Christmas to a row of happy faces, wagging tails and excited greetings ... you just don't get that in an office!!

Had to use picture of Olive from just before Xmas as she's in motion and looks sweet ~ normally stops and stares at me when camera out! Joey and Jess vye to be king of the castle; my autumn/winter collection reunite happily at Footscray; Zebedee leaves the others gobsmacked at his whitewater rafting (nearly); lovely little new boy Jack cautiously makes friends on his first trip out.


Pawscray Meadows

That's where we're spending loads of time at the moment so we've renamed it!  They've all been very busy the last few days, with a lot of molehills to convert to mole-holes, vast selections of fox poo to anoint in, infinite chasing to do and the best swimming facilities for miles around...


Sunny above, boggy underpaw

And all dogs still in great moods, counting blessings of lovely crisp sunny days on the whole. We've spent more time at Footscray meadows which we all really love in all seasons. Also Maryon Wilson, Greenwich and Sutcliffe parks and Oxleas.

Nelson joins two Charlies and Jessica ; a leaf pile created by Royal PArks staff is utilised by Larry ~ what a clown, entirely buried! ~ after which he leads Charliepoo and Jess into more leafy fun in the roman aqueduct; 4 terrier bottoms cooperate in a communal sniff; Joey Max and Duke run like the wind on the Oxleas stretch; finally Max Duke Zeb and Joe end up at the pub .. a quick slurp before heading back towards the carpark.

[Date of writing actually 9th, in a lovely dry sunny week. Sometimes just too busy walking to get good pics to go online]


'Leaves it out..!'

A couple of pics from the still mild weather we had, before it gets too cold to have that camera out next week, brrr!  A leafy theme for Joey and Nelson with Jess, then Solo MAx and Jess peering at Charlie presumably as he is in possession of the Ball. Sofi is a hit with Joey while Mollie ignores. But Mollie and Olive oblige with a 'Frenchie' shot as they share a cabin in the car, sweet.


Holiday dogs

Got a couple of temporary new additions for a few weeks while their walkers are away: lovely girls Mollie Frenchie and Sofi, Labdoodle getting straight in and making friends .. Joey doesn't need asking twice to get down and dirty with Sofi who he was right pleased to meet, with a real Terry Thomas style 'He-llooow'!  Then Max appeals to me to umpire as Jess tries to nick the ball off Charlie; some autumn bottoms comprised of Charlie, Joey, Nelson; little Charliepoo bravely tries joining in with Larry & Max's big boy game; Joey having a drink at the tree pub looks as though he has the rear end of a Shar Pei as Duke queues patiently for a bevy.


All season swimming!

Some of these guys seem likely contenders for that bonkers Christmas day swim ... no weather holds them back!  Maxie Peke and Charlie observe with concern Larry and Solo with legs proper off the bottom; Rocco and Busta do their autumn disappearing act while the white boys wait their turn when it snows; Zeb Joey Max and Duke can't be contained in one frame ~ or one park, sometimes!!?! Sylvie Charlie and Nelson walk really nicely in the near dusk at end of a crazy puppy-based walk at Maryon Wilson; Olive allows a portrait as she is Finally free of the cone she had to wear for weeks for her very poorly eye, she is so relieved and feels like a different dog, though she did like it when one person referred to it as a 'martini glass' which we both like better than 'lampshade'; Zeb leads the way to a gentlemen's Jacuzzi session at Footscray with Max and Joey, they didn't want to come out for their birch-massages!!



... trouble is they are turning out wrong way up, apologies while I sort, bloody annoying ... Here are devilishly handsome Larry, Duke, and Charlie. A precarious Sylvie, ... no, Nelson, that's not the idea of a portrait, it's meant to be your front end! And finally, Zebedee surely not a picture of you afloat ~ do you still have legs or have they evolved off you?!

One added: CharlieWestie after a little misadventure while hunting in the boggy bits of floodplain Sutcliffe park! He's normally such a mild little man but has been feeling very alert this week  :) 


Basking as long as we can!

Mmm we are all still in lovely sunny moods witht his continuing sunshine and just a nip in the air for those who've had their autumn haircuts, Charlie and Charlie!


Still lovely out

.. despite the undeniable descent into autumn.

Lots of young Joey for some reason, including one of his fine Beagle bum! He looks impressed / bemused by Zebby's aquamadness while Lily ignores; Duke is a real water addict now, looks very mellow here; Joe's rear as he enquires into a drain hole; he and Jess making out they're a mirror image in the car  :)


A glut

.. trying to use up the last megawotsits of internet use, still not connected to a broadband service ...)

Lily was admired by an elderly man in the park, saying 'I wish I had the hair ...'! which tickled Lily and me. Pebbles is dramatic against the green and blue of final September sun. Charlie and Jess evidently think the camera may lead to something desirable being offered. Charlie and Rocco immerse in a fabulous long Footscray chase that leaves them both panting and exhilarated, then in the afternoon he's back for more with his young Girlfriend Sylvie! Max is extreeemly unconcerned that Larry's got a really good stick ...


Auf wiedersehen Baxter & John!

They were very tolerant of superfluous cuddles bestowed on them this last couple of days ... and my attempt to get a couple more good pics  :)  The boys are emigrating to Germany and we will miss them loads. Here with Joey, Jess and Charlie, here and there ..

Also welcome back to Larry who has had a year of his mummy's company but joining us again for some walks, swims ... as mad as ever, Larry lad!

I like the two Westies hanging out together more this week, Charlie is getting over his outrage that Sylvie should try and Westie-compete with him  ;)



Watery giggles

Charlie the odd one out in a waterborne black gang ~ one of them not even my dog! ... Joey doing his breastroke ... Sylvie wondering where Zeb's head has gone, (John's not concerned) ... Baxter gobbling up that pesky puppy Sylvie, and then getting in on a matinee idol closeup of Charliepoo  :)


Many photos for catching up

These are the from 'dog'-end of summer, which does keep stuttering on in between days of Noah scale rains ... Joey and Duke fraternise in their different media; Baxter gives his most winning smile; Sylvie adds Joe to her list of conquests; fun in our fave river at Footscray; beauteous Lily there; Charliepoo is 'en guarde' on our journey; lots of delicious bottoms trotting along ... !


March hares in September!

Welcome to little Sylvie the 5 month Westie, mad as a March hare and leading all the other dogs along as far as she can!  They like the change of a little monkey for a while then when they indicate they're bored with nonsense she moves on to the next one! She has wrapped several of the boys round her little claw already ...

John practices his tightrope act on the log behind the others - he always likes to be up high! Then he looks like a monster from the deep with chickweed all over his legs from the pond; Sylvie gets on down with her kong after a very satisfying walk .. such  a nice way to be left home so you don't even notice your dogwalker leaving! Baxter proffers his bottom in the style of a stag's head in a castle; Sylvie coerces Zebedee into a snog; Charlie considers how to get his 5-a-day with my apple core that we kicked about a bit for fun.


End of summer already ... :(

Already getting flooded in bits of Sutcliffe park ... aargh, I hope it's not a presentiment of a difficult winter!  We've had some more fun with water while we can .. Bax and Busta chill by the river at Footcray; Max leads the boy band Joey Zeb and Charlie at Oxleas; John looks at the Roman water system in park; Olive gets really brave in the stream at Sutcliffe; Max Bax and Zeb cavort on the lake; and Baxter and John go to hire a pedalo!

Apologies for any sideways ones  :-o


Balmy days

Mostly not Too hot, and we find plenty of water and shade if so... Joey beaglebum with Duke in the shallows at Footscray; John demurs interest in Poppy's stick while Pebbles aches for it; Joey and Charlie watch Zebedee's wild swimming in admiration or disbelief; Max n Bax lead Pebbles and little Poppycita who I'm 'supply teacher' for, on a rare excursion to the wonderful spaces of Pops' east Wickham too far for us normally.

Apologies if any pics come out sideways, I faff about for ages but it seems to vary by browser ..


A couple more

   Dukey hardly ever gets wet so have to add these from last week!!  And I love the conversational look between Baxter , Lily and little Charliepoo and Jessica in between ...









Water water everywhere

We've been practically living at Footscray meadows in the warm weather, pretty well all my dogs have some interest in the water from a cautious cooling toe-dip to constant obsessive submersion, if that's a word ...!  Baxter Basset, Joey Beaglebum and Jess tumble down Greenwich park steps haphazardly; Joey leads the field helping themselves from a box of balls that some kind person had put out for use ~ he went back repeatedly and took half a dozen balls out until I suggested some other dogs might like to use them too!; Duke shares his joy at watersports with Solo in a very full-on way (that they both love) then with Charlie in a more chilled manner; Zebedee shows off his fabulous swimming skills with Solo, Duke, Pebbles (a bystander, after finding herself dunked unintentionally earlier...)


Catching up

Sorry sorry for such a gap ... prolonged lack of interweb connection at home, and for weeks more ~ thanks BT!  Lots of catchup pics; Bax & John getting in touch with their souls by the water, CharlieWest Joey and Zebedee investigate something, Bax revels in the feel of grass on skin, Charlie and Jess long but don't dare to have the sort of fun Zeb and Joe get in the stream, Joey's hilarious cross face at being photographed with black boots (later removed in stream!), Jess Lily and Joey wade through grass, and Bax and Rocco collaborate on a mutually interesting sniff. Happy times  :)


More shade and water

I'm lucky that I've got some twice-a-day dogs so that I can start quite early on these warm days and delay the afternoon repeat walk til the height of heat wanes a little and the shade lengthens ..

The Siamese Chihuahas love a snuggle against me under a tree; Olive shows how it's done without actually having to immerse (beyond her toes, and under pressure at that); Zeb Max and Solo take a more direct, and sodden approach to cooling fun; Charlie copies Joey's roll of abandonment, for once a fairly 'innocent' roll rather than a foul foxy one; Aunty Emily holds the mixed gang in thrall when we meet up in deep delicious shade of Castle woods, hilarious rapt attention for the rustly sweetie packet! ; the 2 Charlies revere Joey because a) he's pretty cool and b) he's got a ball! ; Busta looks soo serene as he cools his toes in an unaccustomed but encouraged dip  :)


Cool for ... dogs!

Very glad of the drop in temperature but these guys show it's done, the warmer days this week .... Charlie, Charliepoo, Joey and John. 





Hot dogs

Boy, a challenge keeping cool the last few days but we've done it with streams, woods, leaping from shade to shade with the car windows all down, glad I've got the cages so we can do that ...

Most of these pics from a few days back, I'm a bit behind ..

Charliepoo and John practise their tightrope skills in the Park; CharlieWest has a rare real mad play, with Jess and Rocco ~ he's been doing more of this lately and it's wonderful, good fun; I like the long shot of Rocco leading the pair of Charlies across a parched looking Footscray path; Max initiates curious conversation with a peacock in full show; Olive demos how to chill-aaax, man; Joey John and Baxter can only be seen from the rear but the sight of them last week cools a hot soul on a day like today  :)


Hound dogs

A bit of a glut of hounds last week, with a grinning Mr Basset X Shepherd (X Mermaid ... ?!)who gets enquiries wherever he goes, and young Joey Beagle back with his pals ... his tongue lolling along with Max and Jess after a final wrestle before hometime; and having a real embrace in the car with his besie mate Charliepoo ... and our Duke looks very deep in a rare moment of stillness and (possible) reflection!  Then a previous shot of Zeb and Max rejoicing in the Greenwich pond  :)


Watery fun

Baxter smiles at Charlie's concern from the bank. Charliepoo doesn't realise he's disappeared into camouflage of fluffy tree blossom. CharlieWestie has a cautious slurp of the stream. Busta n Rocco like to perch on the little logs at Sutcliffe. Baxter and John are thrilled with their paddles ... 'No man is an island', John!


More lovely times

I keep getting reports of massive tick problems (that's the problems, not massive ticks!); maybe it's more with dogs who crash around in the undergrowth as I haven't found any on Jess yet but I guess it's worth having a good root about in the old fur of an evening, eeew ... 

Here are Max and Charliepoo determined that Pebbles doesn't get sole possession of the most revolting old dead ball they found in G Park; John, Baxter and a couple of Charlies supping the delicious clean water at Foootscray; Ruby and Dolly sharing a pint on a hot-day break; Baxter & John riveted to the animals on their first visit to the zoo (Maryon Wilson animal park); Max and Charliepoo look concerned at something Baxter is doing and want to tell the teacher (me); Joey says to Rocco, "you really are tiny aren't you, how do you keep your figure?" ~ which is a good point, as that miniscule Chi has some appetite!



Welcome new boys!

Three lovely lads joining us for summer while their dog walker has a human baby ....

I couldn't get a pic of Joey beagle this time yet but Baxter and John had a great adventure at Oxleas today with Charliepoo helping to hold B's long lead, Max whispering a joke to make Bax laugh ( I suspect it was a rude one) and John ready for his closeup ....


Water water everywhere

Landlubber Charlie gets brave, Lily never misses a bathe, Charlie and the Chihuahas like the shallow bits, and Duke gets right in!  

Summer play

I love this one of Busta, his bliss at having a cuddle in the sun, is etched out in every whiska! B's idea of a perfect 'walk' ... Whereas Rocco is more of a dust-bath man, he looks like an unkempt streetdog after a satisfactory wriggle in the dusty goal space!  The little ones couldn't believe their luck finding a bath duck ... in the stream!  It was much sought after for the afternoon, under supervision.  Max and Charliepoo plus Pebbles are carefree in the clean stream we love for refreshments and entertainment, it cools you down just to watch them.


Mostly the little ones

 ... with a rogue Dalmatian thrown in! 

Busta  and Charlies look adorable against the Eltham bluebells



 Busta Rocco and Jess decide against a dip at Footscray today
 Lucy and Joey like it very rough indeed!  Pebbles, Jess and Charliepoo ... whose hole is this?!

Sunshiney parks

Lucy Sooo wants Zebby's prize of a tennis ball found by his unerring spaniel nostrils; Pebbles is so absorbed by the view she doesn't notice the wind's effect on her coiffure; Zeb wonders if Ruby is having a fit or just enjoying the grass under her back; Lucy and Max are way ahead of the with pair of Charlies at Sutcliffe park.


New camera

... better pics, in theory ~ but some seem to turn themselves upside down on SOME apps but not others, extraordinary, so apologies if your beloved(s) are the wrong way round :-/

Here are the Charlies (Charles I and Charles II) cooperating beautifully over a stick treasure found; Pebbles was dancing about me for ages before I realised she was chasing my shadow!; Lily cannot resist water, boy does she love Footscray Meadows; Rocco Busta Jess and Charlie Westie are sweet together in one frame with no blurs; Olive looks a bit sceptical as is her wont, she likes to be quite cool about how much she likes her walks.. 



It's odd to be thinking, We could do with a nice drop of rain .... !! The massive ruts in the paths at Oxleas are the reminder of how churned up it got there, but hey it's nice to be clambering over dried turmoil than gloop :)

Here are my lovelies at Eltham North, Sutcliffe, Oxleas: the 2 Charlies, the Mini-men (Chihuaha boys), Zebby, Duke, Olive's ear, Charliepoo with adornment, and the Deptford Girls Rubes and The Doll!


And a few more ...

 ... dear Osito popped out with us as a one-off, lovely to see him again; Solo enjoys splashing in the great stream at Sutcliffe; Charlie and Olive scan the view at Oxleas over all south east London; Charlie Charlie and Rocco revel in sun, grass, the companionship of small dogs!





Welcome Charlie and the mild sun!

Little Charlie Yorkie-poo has been a Starlet this week joining us for walks with such a lovely relaxed manner, getting several other dogs to play awesome chase games against their will, and being super brave regarding the recent editing of his undercarriage :-o

Here he is making himself very at home on first walk at Eltham Park, chillin with Rocco Busta and Jess.  Lucy can't help having a bit of a fascination with Zebedee, but she won't follow him into deep water...  Jess and Charlie are sooo keen on getting that ball that I've temporarily confiscated in my pocket!


Post holiday not-blues

Love having a holiday but love coming back to my petals, we're equally pleased to see each other!  And, the sun  :)  New phone, new camera to work out but here are Rocco and his bro Busta relishing Spring, and Lucy and Zebedee huddling up at the pub in Footscray, sweet, Zeb is a cool boy but Lucy has quite a soft spot for him ..


Prize winner


  Our beautifullest Lily won 2nd prize at the Canine Capers dog show at the Pleasaunce on Sunday, her mum doesn't mind me putting this fabulous picture on  :)

Plus Moses assuring us he's not responsible for re-landscaping behind him (he probably isn't, Max and Jess are devils for the molehills at Footscray) ; Zebedee doing extreme paddling there; Jess and Charlie 'sharing' nicely! 





Trying new method for pics, in a table to stop them overlapping  :-o

Zebedee demonstrates contrast with a White dog .. Lucy Max n Duke chillax mid-game .. Lily Charlie Rocco n Busta take it reely eezy on a mild day at Footscray.. Max Moses Dolly and Ruby spread out at Oxleas for efficient sniff-investigation.


Portrait gallery

Some beautiful faces: Lily, Lucy, new girl Pebbles and Busta, who wouldn't do a portrait but is hurrying somewhere ... ! 














Sunny skies

   .. continue, it's wonderful, and I imagine my owners are pleased there is less mud around at the moment! The dogs celebrate by doing doggy somersaults .. Lucy, Rocco and Jess. And I love Solo's lying down concentration on his lovely kong after a busy walk and swim. 





Drying out

finally, we find some paths that aren't 6 inches in mud, it's a delightful foretaste of summer we hope, the dogs are all in fabulous moods ... Max and Solo agree the Greenwich park pond is at its best right now, sans boats or humans; Lily Zebedee Charlie and Rocco lap up the rays at Footscray; Duke gets on great with Ruby and Dolly whose feistiness belies their size in a way that impresses him.

New friends

   I just knew little Olive would love our guest Max Peke this week!  He got on with everyone mind, even the bigger ones who wanted to boss him.. a really game boy, full of joy and fun. Zebedee watches as no one takes Max up on his continuous play bows, bless him he lives on his elbows, ever hopeful he'll get a game.

 You have to know Sutcliffe Park to see Lucy Dalmatian as Juliet on her balcony, there was a Romeo below in the form of Max :)  Hector and Jake enjoy a nice paddle at Footscray.











Before the rains

   A couple more sunny pics before we all submerge forever more in the mud once again ... Ruby and her shadow look beautiful on her log, and Duke and Lucy wind Jess up (SO easy to do!) by playing silly in the sand ...





Real shadows!

Yes, enough sun this week to get shadows in doggy portraits ..  they've been in really sunny mood!  Really love the pic of Rocco & Busta having their mad chase, they do it whwen really happy but I usually can't get even an idea of it on camera. Lily continues to enjoy her sedate walks while Max and Duke have no idea of the concept; Dolly & Ruby love mooching in Greenwich Park for a change, escorted by a new hair-styled Charlie who also enjoys sun and forming shadows with Jess .. Zebedee practically made his way to another continent when he was allowed a long swim at Footscray because there was enough sun to dry him off; it's horrendously churned up underpaw there though, yuk.    












A Spring in our steps

... yes still a bit brrr but it's on the way ~ you can tell by the nutty behaviour of some of the dogs!   Charlie and Dolly have a deep conversation with a sweet curious sheep at Maryon Wilson; Max Zeb Charlie and Lucy swing along the path at Oxleas like a benevolent gang; Lucy and Moses try to explain to Max that he's too big to hide from Lucy behind the scrubby shrub  :-o










Yes we had a good smattering in Sutcliffe earlier this week, and Busta was determined to make a snow-angel, or possibly snow-devil  ;-o ...  Olive and Moses are each surprised to find someone else on their who looks like them ~ though Moses is as always a bit blurry, he just doesn't believe in staying still long enough for a shot, too much to do on his walks!  It was wonderful to see darling Lily feeling much better and stronger after being a very poorly girl, back to relishing her walks though gently..




















More pics

Our old pal Larry rolls hilariously down the hill with his chums Max and Moses, Rocco helps Jess the mole demon convert all mole hills into mole-holes ... serious work!  

Moses looks slightly mad on his log, he loves to climb; Lucy looks confident she won't fall off hers into very cold water! The nuttiest trio Lucy Max and Duke have a sane pause on Lee fields.








Soggy doggies

Yuk! Every time we get a couple of good cold dry days to make things less vile underpaw, the ground gets a good soaking from overnight rains and we are back to less than square one! Charlie has completely given up being a West Highland White terrier and Lucy's spots have all been covered up by the delicious mud she delights in rolling in, while Zebedee's feathers are beyond cleanup ... except when he gets to swim properly as here in Footscray :)




Solo and Max organise a joint tree-wee; Dolly does her version of 'Where's Wally?' camouflage in the woods.

Dogs at work

   Lucy is wondering what Dolly has found .. or maybe just why she is so small! Dolly and Ruby are gorgeous in a shaft of sunlight ... Lucy Olive and Ruby were reccying the world laid out below them on the steps at Crown woods a while back. Max Solo MooMoo and Lucy always have a ball together in combined lunacy :)















Blustery walks

  .. lovely mild days in between some showers and bitter winds, which energise us all and make the dogs (even) slightly madder!! Lucy and Jess cooperate / compete on a hole with Lily and Charlie watching; Busta looks appalled at having to get up to go out on such a day; Lucy Max Duke & Charlie relax after the bigger ones' joint madness leaves Charlie and myself slightly dizzy and glad not to be involved!





















Happy 2015!

Fabulous to see my treasures after our lovely long holidays :)  Charlie was so excited to see his pals again ... getting a cuddle here as we paused on a bench. Ruby & Dolly gather to interrogate Lucy about her digging under the tree then dart about our favourite field at Oxleas, with little Olive who is getting so relaxed and happy with the variety of dogs she sees, a phlegmatic little girl...








Season's greetings all my lovely dogs!

 and cats ... though I'm not able to see them this year, having my first Christmas off for 5 years  ~ sorry kitties, have lovely times with your other catsitters!!

A couple of photos, new year resolution to try to upload more often  .. though the site makes such a mess of my efforts :-/




Watery walks

  Bleh, it's really yukky out there, I do apologise for some rather revolting dogs turning up at their homes ... Lucy Dalmatian's spots are sometimes barely discernible from her background, and Charlie has evolved into a West Highland Grey Terrier, while Zebedee's undercarriage is permanently in soggy tendrils ~ which he is very content with of course...

Welcome to Ruby and Dolly, the Deptford girls, who have thrown themselves into group walks with gusto, already having been to 5 of our fave haunts, they must be exhausted but having good dreams :)  Duke, Max, Charlie and Lucy love the bonus puddles in Sutcliffe Park which is literally drowning .. but the Chi boys stick firmly to paths whenever they can. Lucy was hilarious with the sheep at Maryon park, it gazed at her silly anxieties moving on to curiosity with unflappable dignity.  









Week in woods

Zeb and Lucy waiting politely at the bar while Max has a drink .... and Lucy showing off to







Max who has become her paramour a bit .. along with Duke!









More regular photos

As this website now hides half the pictures I load so laboriously, I'll aim to do fewer pics at a time, but more often .. !   Lucy, Moses and Max and Zeb, Solo and Moo on rare trips to Greenwich Park last week, contrasts with the nearly-Siamese Chihuahas covering all bases at Eltham park.  


Sure this is against copyright somewhere but I just loved this: the expression, the posture, the rainy window ... :) 



I hope the little ones have got their coats and gloves out from under their beds, it's been getting a bit parky in the parks ...  Here we have Max Duke and Lily Beagle investigating the 'path' in Sutcliffe park that regularly becomes a stream of its own; Max seems to be covering Moses' eyes, "Guess who .. !"; Duke and Lily chat; Busta nearly hidden in Chihuaha-coloured leaves, then waiting on stairs with little bro Rocco for the post-walk chew, yum; Moo and Lucy stare at the ball Solo found in hope that it will escape his clutches and go to them (fat chance!)


Make up for absence

It's been ages, Jess and I have had a lot on ... apologies, and pictures ...  




Autumn arrives

... but not before we get the last dregs of delicious rays.

Souffle wriggles in delight as Georgie lollops away; Olive is amazingly accepting of the rather intrusive attentions of a nice but insistent border terrier who joined us uninvited; Lucy Max and Georgie run mad while poor little just-neutered Charlie hangs out on the fringes, on-lead but allowed to go and have a sniff of a fuller life ... 














Still relaxing

Welcome to Georgie Beagle who's joining us for a couple of weeks and has already made a conquest of Max, which may cause ructions when Lucy is next out, since they've had a nice thing going recently.  The weather's still good enough for extreme swimming in their opinion and this was accordingly indulged in throughout our long walk at Footscray today, by Max and Zebedee anyway, more in the stream than out of it.  Lucy smiles gently at Charlie and Jess in a pause from loony running on the lovely bowls of Sutcliffe park .   

Btw apologies for pics that may overlap on some browsers, yet more clunky unhelpfulness from my web host.













Every day expect it to end but ...

  .. the weather continues a delight! Here we have Duke, Lucy and Zebedee in a study of white ... Busta looks like a model or a Crufts champion ... Max selects a less ambitious stick than Duke's entire tree as he prefers ... Lucy Solo & Moo need no enticing into the lake, such fun cavorting together.























Bonus summer

    And still it goes on ... wonderful, not too hot for anyone, delightful walks ... It's lovely having all the crew Back to Skool after their various holidays, with new pencil cases and news of their adventures.  

Poppy does her photo-ready thing while Olive relaxes near her at Oxleas, Olive finds her small unintrusive friend easy to be with.
Charlie and the Chihuaha boys agree on the interesting-ness of something in Sutcliffe park.
Charlie also evidently puts Olive at her ease as she gradually gets to meet different dogs with each walk.
Lucy waterbaby doesn't actually spend all her time immersed, but does love to goad and be goaded by Duke in all media available, and with Labbies Solo and Moo around, wet entertainment in the super Sutcliffe stream is a no-brainer.


Sweet little Olive French Bulldog came out this week for a potter round the Pleasaunce, carefully taking in every sniff .. Lucy sniffs on the tail of Busta while Jess goes her own way, Charlie takes up Max's playbow in an unusual way, Charlie sniffs yet more by the lake while Lucy and Jess study the waterfowl.

Many smiles

Another lovely week. We manage to dodge showers and ward off the chill that's definitely appeared in the air  :(

Duke & Max beam at me as Charlie tootles towards them; Chihuaha boys Rocco & Busta compete with Osito for the most winsome grin,;little Charlie reaches up to whisper to Max; Zebedee gives me his intense amiable look; 

Osito, Charlie, Charlie and Lily walk the long road along our favouirite delicious sytream at Footscray; 
Zeb and Moses flank curiously the Max-Lucy relay team cooperating / competing over a large stick; the pair of Charlies share a cabin in the van, they look a bit gloomy but they're not really!



Stormy fun

And welcome to Lucy Dalmatian, got straight in and bonded with all her new companions, even if some of the smaller quieter ones were trying to demur!
A week of contrast to say the least .. we really never go to Greenwich park but took Lucy and Zebedee yesterday after the storms, I've never seen it so soaked.

The two Charlies (a right pair of Charlies, I call them, or Charles I and Charles II) have differing views on the wisdom of applying water to one's person ..

Max, Duke and Lucy found instant soul-mates in each other; all equally nutty, and a bit full on for lesser dogs ;-o

Little Rocco's version of taking the waters is more careful and mild but he enjoys his way!

Four little men consolidating effort on Woolwich Common, lucky minutes before the downpours broke!

... But Lucy and Zebedee could not believe having the park to themselves and also turned into a giant boating lake! 

Yet more pics!

On a roll with this system working for once, let's throw in some of the shots I've been taking and wasting in recent weeks :)    

Osito looks adorable here gazing over the little bridge .. the loveliest clean stream below, at Footscray.

I dread what Zebedee has picked up this time - his usual dead animal that he can carry around between rolls in it ... ??

... no, Max has identified it as an indecent action man!!

Then there's little Charlie and Osito conferring over a stream-edge matter, and the gaggle heading for the park (can you spot the odd one out?!), and a mood-shot of Milo in contemplative mood.

Some overdue photos

Apologies entries to this are fewer these days, the process is so painfully cumbersome on this awful website host that it takes literally hours with a high rate of failure. Now the only way is to make the pictures pretty small.

The cat was just to check process and won't delete but it's my dear Adam who died last year so he can appear here again!
Anyone know a package that will host a domain name and allow editing?!

This is Charlie, Charlie (I call them Charles I and Charles II), Osito and Jess getting wet and excited about harassing the wildfowl in Sutcliffe park.


Love this, Duke and Max looking like a couple of grown men discussing matters of importance, at Maryon Wilson park. Meanwhile Moses was haring about like a loony, looked like their little boy!

Osito and Charlie find that despite their size, the Chihuahas can be a right laugh; they do their mad run of joy and everyone else joins in.

Cool for dogs

We know how to manage these scorchio days!  

Sorry pics blurry and yes, I know the last one is sideways but I can't alter it without deleting the entire laborious blog  :-/
Mabel and Jess in cahoots IN the water! .. Mabel has Never volunteered to paddle in her 5 years with us but she does like to surprise, and amuse..
She and doppelganger Poppy always look sweet together in the car, and then Milo Max and Solo form a little roundabout.  Dear Milo off to pastures new with a new home in Kent, we will miss his darling smiley face and hope he has a great time with a new friend too, bless you Milo x

Some picture catchup

The camera still isn't right but got a couple 

Keeping it cool

I'm sorry there aren't any photos, I do need to get a new phone, grrr, but just an update to assure everyone we do everything to keep cool and comfortable in this lovely, unaccustomed little heatwave .. most of the dogs show some sense and slow it down by choice ~ though not all, eh, Zebedee, Max, Moses ... !  But we always have stops under trees for a drink and gravybone, sniffs or bum-rubs, and any thought-gathering as appropriate.  And I try and get the waterbabies to Sutcliffe for a good swim, or we relish the complete cool of Oxleas where we can park in the shade as well.

Happy summer!

Long summer walks ..

Pics are still few and far between as I haven't got one camera that works :-/

These are horribly blurred but they show us busy on these sunny days, taking it nice and slow, sticking to shade or finding water to play in, chilling under trees during our walks so the nutters can play mad if they have the energy and the sensible people can gather their thought/s!
Then there's Godfrey, sweet Bassett puppy who seems to have been born with the full ear complement and has the hugest feet I've ever seen on a pup!

Camera has opted out

The pics look a bit foggy, so not many this time but I like the 'autumn shades' of Heccy, Rocco & Busta with Jess, and the very fuzzy Sandy & Wuffa guesting with the Chi's, those boys seem to get into many of my photos! We've enjoyed the odd break between rain showers, amazing how quickly the woods etc revert to full quagmire status :-/

Hot dogs

But we have had some nice splashabouts and cool woodland strolls ... 

Senior girl Lily and little breathless Benito really appreciate the cooling stream, and waterbabies Solo & MaggieMoo can't stay away.
Charlie Rocco and Jess are of one (small) mind regarding the fascination of this bank in Eltham.
Moses is a bit braver than Charlie and Jess watching on the bank as Max cavorts in the water.

Between showers ..

.. we had a lot of fun, as always, some of it wet!
The Cavalier Girl gang are of one mind that there is something interesting here (ok, I might have set that one up with little bits of sausage scattered as a Find It game, to get the irresistible shot).
Solo Maggie and Max all get to their water dog roots in Sutcliffe park ~ as the ducks look on in unimpressed disgust.
Moses is determined not to let his little legs prevent him catching his partner in crime Max with legs 3 times as long ~ and Jess, also at full tilt!  We rediscovered Woolwich Common and enjoyed the sandy bit outside the army horses' exercise arena :)
3 of the Cavaliers make little Charlie feel a bit outnumbered but he loves it, and all of them!
He earnestly investigates the paths in Sutcliffe park that have unaccountably become rivers, as they do after rains...

Just lots of pictures ..

I'm a bit overdue with photos of some new dogs and old, so let's just do a Spring gallery, and welcome Mabel-lookalike Poppy, joined us this week, giving Mabel quite a start!  A bit of a Cavalier-clique dominating this week, in fact.  All very happy and sunny..

Sunshine and showers

 But mostly sunshine, it's been lovely, the dogs are all in an excellent mood, sometimes a bit silly and frisky but feeling joy, rolling and chasing, and turning their faces to that odd warm yellow thing above us ...
And we get to do some paddling too, in Sutcliffe or Maryon Wilson .. safe in clean terms for most now except of course Larry who could acquire an oilslick covering in the Gobi desert :-/ Mabel and the mini-men are fascinated by something; new boy Charlie leads Larry along the stream; then has a chat with Benito who is even newer therefore ripe for instruction on pack ways ..; I love the Chi's raising themselves to everyone else's height on the posts at Sutcliffe; then more water with Charlie and Duke curious about the Master Zebedee's watery skills.

Good to see them again

Jess and I loved our holiday but how lucky we are to be going back to a job we both love ..

A couple more almost-portraits, Moses looks quite reflective or sad but I'm sure he's neither; Mabel has her tongue out but still looks adorable.

Jess Mabel and Millie look to be playing ring-a-ring-a-roses, at Oxleas, Max shows his amazing playbow that he adopts every 10 seconds in case someone wants to play, and Jake shows his scorn for the ducks by not even trying even though he could, such a water-baby!

More portraits

Just a couple: both Mad Max and Smiley Milo looking gorgeous today! Max does actually have the usual two eyes, very beautiful ones under his seer-iuss anti-winter-goo haircut that's just starting to grow out.  It took the two of them a walk to settle into comfortable relaxation with each other as we don't see Milo often.

Bathing and basking

Just a few pics from last few days until the weather turned on us again, brr ...

Mabel towers over the Chi's, she quite likes the novelty of that.  MaggieMoo feels left out with the boys both brandishing their armoury, she's gone blurred with the angst of it!  I was very glad to chance on our little Turkish bath at Oxleas, after Larry had liberally coated himself in sticky mud which rinsed off nicely in a hilarious group bath!  

But poor Larry failed to get a glimmer of interest from pretty little Maple & Souffle in Greenwich park despite his glowing golden coat, on this occasion!


 Just happened to get a few niceish closeups last few days: darling Duke who is working so hard on appropriate greetings to dogkind; Zebedee who is SO busy he is blurred even when relatively still (can't be the photographer's fault!); little Lui so earnest, Lily doesn't often look at camera but is enjoying cooling her toes in 
lovely clean stream.

Walking on sunshine!

We can't believe the continuing sunshine ~ at long flippin last! Not that Oxleas is anywhere near safe yet for the likes of Larry, who generally, after I have preserved him from all the remaining boggy ravines that I know, can still find one, right at the end of the walk so there's no chance he can get dried off :-/ At least at Sutcliffe park there is clean water to swim in; Zebedee adores it!
Duke and Jess were stunned by the No Dogs sign at the Oxleas walled garden but complied anyway!  I love the mad expressions on faces of Solo Moo Jess and Lui in a free-for-all chase on the slopes.

A Spring in our steps!

At last ... the dogs all celebrating sunny days by being nuttier than usual! Though in fact these pics are from last week that I had missed, love Maple & Souffle scrutinising the chicken at the zoo park, Lily in her new Spring haircut joins little Poppy her mate, and the Chihuaha pair sniffing something important, and Wuffa pauses to lick her nose and check she ought to be following big boys Larry and Max even though her sister is dawdling behind  :)

Harmony all round

 A meeting of minds ~ and noses ~ when two Springers get together; Zebedee and Milo agree on something important in Eltham park.. 

And Solo & MaggieMoo agree it takes two to carry the highly prized rubber stick ~ which ended up half its original length after some serious labrador chewing!

Larry gazes at me just before he lies down ~ yep, sigh ~ in the puddle, at least it's cleanish, not pure clay mud like the rest of Oxleas, still. Duke makes an exception to his water aversion for a good splosh.  

New Girls Maple and Souffle browse cooperatively and happily in Greenwich park, they make the most of every minute of their walks and greet all their new friends so nicely.

Dare we hope for Spring .. ?

The dogs are certainly convinced, they've all been in lovely sunshiney moods this week, and we have been getting a degree or two less filthy on our walks ..

MaggieMoo to Larry: You are so going to get into trouble for this! (He doesn't ~ I give up!!)
Duke chases Zeb while Jess shouts, the first really bright walks we'd had for aeons, all discharging energy happily!
Mabel looking utterly beautiful and soulful.  She is, but I can hardly ever capture it.
Zebedee despairs of nutty Duke while Larry and Max don't even consider him nutty .. hmmm ...
Solo and Moo splashing in Sutcliffe Park last week: SUCH Labradors!

The Ark continues to survive ..

  Well I'm sick of the rain like most people, but the dogs on the whole don't seem to mind too much!  Even the dainty little Chi's bravely pick their way through some sludge that's nearly as deep as their height!

Lily is delighted with a little stick she's found; the teenage hoodlums career round Charlton Park as a change from the worse quagmires; Jess and the Chi's explore a landscaped mini garden at Sutcliffe; Larry crows at Max who he's got the ball off; Zebedee leads the charge through the reeds and marsh at Sutcliffe ~ being a flood plain it's covered in, relatively clean, water, making a lovely change from pure mud  :-/

Walks .. or floats?!

So, for over a month now we've all been thinking "This can't last forever" ... yet, it does!  The woods are now the worst quagmire ever; we try and finish up with the slightly cleaner of the puddles for a 'wash', but the dogs still end up quite multi-toned  :-/

Gentle Lily has a calm chat with Duke, which he doesn't do that often, well done Lily!; Rocco leads the field on the Sutcliffe Park boardwalk as they gaze at something or other; Rocco & Busta are almost smaller than the geese, luckily they're not silly about hassling wildfowl like some of the dogs; Larry worships his Stick God and the sun simultaneously while Duke works on felling another tree. Mabel and Jess both got inside this tree and thought they'd come and camp out in the Park sometime :)

It even stopped raining for the odd few hours!

Photos back

It seems I'd deleted them somehow, apologies, but here are some more, still such a clunky website; anyone know of a better hosting site?!

Jess is almost ready to take her driving test, looking confident ... Moo wonders how Zeb got up on the log so easy for our regular tree-stop ... Larry is, as usual, submerged, but yippee it was clean water in Sutcliffe Park ... Mabel looks confidently around her on another of our logs at Oxleas

Photos problem

Apologies, I have got a problem with images on this blog, may have to start it again, I hope everyone whose darling dogs were up there, got a look at the pictures!

  OOOh the sunshine does make everyone grin ... though the Chihuahas aren't doing their unique gorgeous grins here, looking rather serious in their stylish cashmeres on a bright but brisk day pottering round the gardens at Oxleas 
Larry seems to have a small Cairn terrier adhering to his side in a romp across the meadows last week, nippy enough to keep up easily with his bigger form.  And Duke enjoys a bit of tree surgery when he gets a minute, maybe consoling himself for a scratched ear just received from a dog he was trying to boss, oops Duke, lesson learned baby!

Nearly up to 40 days and 40 nights ..

.. You've just got to laugh or you'd cry, seeing the state of the doggies, takes triple the time to even half dry them off but they do have a laugh in the puddle-lakes, whole paths that are streams, bogs that lend an element of novelty to chase games ...

Then we had the fun of negotiating newly fallen trees last week at Oxleas; Zebedee telling Molly she can do it even with her onesie on!

Dusk walks sometimes need the flashing collars, I like Molly in her flashing blue light, she looks like the cops!  

Nice pics of Zebedee are hard to find as he Never stays still, but he did stop to show how chuffed he was to get possession of the Squeaky Frog  :)

Happy 2014 everyone

Happy new year all the doggies and their people ... 

Our main resolution is not to drown  :-/  And Larry has the added one of keeping his 2 balls .. ahem, well maybe not for ever eh Larry, growing up now aren't you lovely boy  ;)
We were out til nearly dark today, Molly models her lovely flashing blue tag as she tosses her head pleased with getting possession of the ball from keen tacticians Sol & Moo..  they've all got a different LED addition so I can see exactly who is doing what!!

Happy Christmas all the Dogs .. and Cats!

Last one before the holidays, we've been a bit busy trying to minimise the mudbath impact at Oxleas, Eltham, Sutcliffe .. all swamps.  However we did have fun on a picnic bench where Rocco & Busta modelled themselves on a Siamese Chihuaha!  Molly likes to remind Jess that being 3 times her height means she can have that ball whenever she likes, Jess doesn't always agree but had obviously resigned herself this time!  And Max licks his lips with desire while Molly and Jess ogle as Larry crows about having possession of that ball (no I didn't have to step in with a Heimlich manoeuvre there .. )

Caroline & Jess x


Totally clear and bright in Eltham park in the morning but Greenwich park in the afternoon was very exciting; Jess and Mabel suspected their eyesight was no longer up to their favourite squirrelling activity but chase games are even more fun through the mist, and the towers looked stunning rising sun-struck from the surreal cloud.

We've had great dryer cleaner fun on carpets of leaves in the woods that keep almost all the mud at bay, and we've been blessed with amazing sunshine .. and even sunsets on the last walk, as with Molly and Duke gettin' all romantic together in the sunset by the lake in Sutcliffe park at 3pm.   Molly has taken to the stream there and tried to encourage Mabel in but she's a convinced landlubber.  Larry and Solomon pretty evenly matched on a stick wrestle before I lured them away for a top speed round of Round the Mulberry Bush with MooMoo and Jess as well.

Molly does seem to get in a lot of pics but then she does walk twice a day, busy girl...

Lovely pals

Two featuring lovely Lily lurcher: very happy to explore Maryon Wilson, paddling in the creek under Moses' curious eye; and looking so sweet the previous week sauntering tall-y in Eltham park with tiny Chi friends.
New boy Buster also enjoyed the zoo park on his first proper outing with us, so excited he can hardly concentrate on anything yet since finding his loving forever home after an unhappy one, he's coped brilliantly with meeting all our lovelies.
I'm sure I've done the disappearing autumn-Chihuahas before but they do look funny in their camouflage ;)

More nice little friendships going on though only temporary, as the holiday cover dogs ended their run of runs with us! 

Love the photo of Tilly at the bottom of the wall while Mabel impersonates a fancy statue on the plinth above her .. and Duke, on his weird habit of chewing bark off trees ~ Larry is wondering, does this count as one of one's 5-a-day .. ?  Solomon, MooMoo, Molly and Jess are dedicated players of 'Find It' for bits of sausage after gallops on the wonderful slopes of Oxleas.
The blur in Greenwich park wouldn't win any photography awards but it reflects the fun we had on last walk one day, venturing into Greenwich park that we don't normally do.

We had to check out the drained pond in Greenwich park, a good place to play a quick round of Find It in brief sunshine and get some photos: Tilly, Max, Zebedee and Molly.

A new little rescue cross breed Buster has come out on a couple of walks with us last week, dear boy, and was over the moon at discovering Eltham Park in the sun, even though he's not yet off the lead, he had a great time... nice pic with Tilly who's been on holiday cover walks as well.
Molly has been very gracious about wearing her new overalls in an attempt to keep vaguely civilised levels of cleanliness :-/  Tho the woods at Oxleas are a quagmire, still they have fun and we end with a good romp on the meadow to scrape the worst off all of us!
Mabel really pleased to be out with Jess in place of some of the bouncy big boys she's had to tolerate lately .. tho Jess looks like she's laughing behind her sleeve at little Mabel (I'm sure not, they're such good friends)

Soggy woods

~ well soggy everywhere really, lucky the long-grass carwash annuls some of the effects of wood quagmire.
The path-turned-river at Sutcliffe park was an exciting improvement in the eyes of Larry, Max, Molly and Maggie. Larry Duke and Max love some very boisterous play indeed, best to steer clear of them in full flow ... 
Covering holiday leave for another walker this fortnight is being fun, I've been watching little JRT Freckles, busy Beagle Lily and sweet Springer Tilly too carefully for picture-taking but I'll aim to do that this week.
Maggie is leaving us to return to France ~ Bon voyage Maggie love, we've had some lovely walks and wish you a happy new life! 

Really too many pics but I'll keep the words brief ... Romps in the Park have been a good laugh with the little gangs formed by Bella & Luna, Larry, Molly and Jess; Zebedee was such a happy boy surging through the stream at Sutcliffe, Bella Molly Jess and Larry made very thorough investigations of the poor fallen single tree at Oxleas after the storm, 

Hilarious seeing the Mabel Luna and Jess lined up at the gate into playground at Pleasaunce under the No Dogs sign, squirrels are rife in there, it's sooo unfair the kids get them all to themselves!

Bye bye to little Bella & Luna and Bella B, going back to Lucy after 'maternity leave', it's been lovely having you ladies, we will see you out on the patch :) 
But Hello to Solomon and Mumu exuberant Labs, already getting on like a house on fire with Molly and working out who is  King or Queen of the Stick (keeping it safe, over-long or sharp ones are banned!)

There seems to be a glut of Jess pics this time which isn't normally my intention, but she's been captured in nice play situations with Molly, Lui and a nice pack chase. I like Molly amiably but seriously towering over Jess with the prized squeaky ball, madam determined to hang onto it but worried by her obvious disadvantage! Lui does the best play bow ever, her bottom spends a lot of its time in the air and she got Jess right in the mood on a lovely afternoon romp.

Maggie & Max enjoyed a paddle and frightening the wildlife in Sutcliffe Park's lake; we always finish up in the clean running stream to wash legs. Mabel potters along the edges munching too much grass til I spoil her feast, she does like a nice salad.
I can't remember what Larry, Moses and Zebedee were all looking at with simultaneous interest at the bottom of Oxleas slope ~ sweet...

Another long gap, dogs and cats and life have been too busy, so let's put a few lovely pictures of my lovely dogs up here ...
Still getting some delicious surprise rays among the showers and, er, here starts the Mud ... Larry demonstrating here with Milly and Zebedee that he is the world supremo for getting in a total mess, never just trot through the muddy puddles when you can lie down in them, then roll around a bit, eh Larry, then find another just after you've managed to get some of it off in the 'carwash for dogs' (copyright my friend Helen, excellent description) that the long grass offers ...
Also like the kids playing madly at Maryon Wilson and meeting a horse in the zoo there, but funniest one got to be the Chihuaha version of 'Where's Wally' in autumn leaves, they and my Jess disappear completely sometimes. 

Coats on!

Well, what a definite transition from summer-end to fullblown winter!  Thursday still feeling rays on fur, Friday pretty cold turning to monsoon!  I do my best towelling them off but if they can have nice warm towel at home too they can have a quick cosy rubdown in the house as well.
Just a bunch of nice action shots really, from sunny boardwalk in Sutcliffe, to a very grownup looking conversation between Duke and Molly trotting together, to lovely games, to Shiba Izzy squishing up with Jess in the van for a minute on her last day (we will miss you so much Izzy, special girl!) to chilly chihuahas in their gorgeous jumpers, I want one myself ..

Getting behind ..

It does seem that most of my photos are of the dogs' rear ends; I like these two: a collection of delightful backends of tinies Rocco & Busta with their friend Tashi and Jess in Eltham park, and Molly, Mabel and Jess sauntering along the path in Sutcliffe park on a lazy afternoon walk, not a care between them ..

Sheepdog Molly, Doodle Max and baby Retriever Larry are a fabulous combination, my phone is full of shots of empty woods or fields where the dogs have just flashed by, mathematical equation being, bonkers dogs x 3 = bonkers to the power of 10 .. ?  Zebedee is in the background doing his Thang, bless him he is always so busy he is rarely in shot either.

Bottom: Molly heads towards me for one ball while Maggie covers Izzy closely to try a coup on the other, both girls Really into the squeaky one, Izzy usually gives way with fabulously good grace though  :)

New friendships

Lovely gracious Molly joined us this week and has instantly got on with everyone, from the littlies that she towers over, to the boisterous boys that she keeps on their toes and gives a run for their money with her confidence and easy speed. 

I like the pic of her and little Mabel who's a blur, careering round the U-bend at the Pleasaunce, and the one of the trio on the log, Larry has already got quite a crush on Molly, he's that age, slightly older woman very alluring, Jess always likes to be up high out of the way, queen of the castle.

Love this: odd-one-out Duke among a gaggle of spaniels ... all very nose-driven here, no idea what was so exciting. 
Duke is still getting more sociable every week, learning that mutual respect among the dogs ~ and their walker!~ is more satisfactory than trying to mob them all  :)

At the Zoo ...

Mabel Jess Bella & Luna playing 'Find it' for teensy treats, it's fun but also a useful trick for distraction from any oncoming hazards ...

We do like to go to Maryon Wilson Park in Charlton sometimes, though I imagine the animals would rather we didn't ... !  And me, after I failed to abort Larry's sludge-seeking mission to the filthy creek; the others looked on in awe as he lies down in it, leaving a strip of about 4 inches of strawberry blonde along his back on an unrecognisable retriever, gaaa!  Thoughtful studious Izzy stayed in conversation with the hens and deer for a long time, Larry and Moses' attention span ran to a quick "Coo, what are You?!" before they galloped off again, crazy lovable loons.
After that clean paddles in the stream at Kidbrooke are a joyous doddle, as Bella is a lie-downer as well.. Sutcliffe park perfect for a sunny afternoon like today, we all had a wonderful girly time, even though Miss Mabel has a quizzical look, she's usually making funny faces if I do get pics of her, darling girl.

Ekeing out summer

Yes well we have all had some drenchings but in between, some lovely carefree gallops across the slopes of Oxleas, fun trotting across the old gravestones in the Pleasaunce, ball-competition in Greenwich park and friendship-building with new dogs and the old paws ...

Duke loves a gallop and is learning to be more gentle with the other dogs so they love a chase with him...

Larry doesn't seem that determined to wrest the ball from Moses but Moses still throws himself into the game cos he knows Larry's a ball demon too really!

Bella and Izzy both look like they suspect the occupants of the Pleasaunce cemetery might have Grave intentions with their ball!

Just a few pics

Just got a faster camera on new phone so hoping to be able to get and load up some nice shots with less of the endless pictures of empty grass with disappeared dogs! Tho site host is still appalling, apologies it looks so slung together, it takes hours to load photos and then refuses to let me arrange them how I want! Let's try sneaking in nice one of Maggie and Izzy contemplating Queen Caroline's Bath; Maggie was all for getting in and adding doggy bubbles but Izzy as always preferred to reflect, study, consider and probably has it all stored in that busy brain!

New boy Duke has got quite a gang of boisterous boys to walk with now ... he, Moses, Larry and Max are all pretty equally bouncy and bonkers, so we get a full-on crazy run, I hold onto trees to save being caught up in their midst and there's no way I'd get a photos but we do do some work on basic dog manners too(a bit), and the arrangement saves any of the more refined ladies having to put up with them ~ yay, happy pups all round!

Meanwhile a few from this week, a sort of triangle-circle theme, Maggie and Izzy admiring Queen Caroline's Bath on a rare Park walk,
and a possible new helper for the driving, a very keen observer and serious thinker, she'd be a safe driver but possibly not suited to London roads!

Long gap

Apologies it's been so long, after the bank holiday we have had ever such busy days, new dogs to watch like hawks while they settle in, and a phone camera that is rubbish ~ but, I am due a shiny new one soon that I hope will speed up the excruciating bloggery It's a shame there aren't more lovely watery places on the doorstep with these amazing days, but we do get to the nice clean stream at Sutcliffe park, and had thought the little gullies in Maryon Wilson were quite nice until Larry found ... : gaaaa!

Cleaner, Bella loved the standpipe tap at the Pleasaunce, that sprays out a fine mist all over her as she delves into the puddle we create underneath ~ Luna and Jess were unimpressed, and confided in me that they feared for little Belle's sanity.

Great to have new boys Duke and Zebedee joining us for fun, social enthusiastic lads, and to see people back after their hols: Mabel, Larry and Bella B, who had a really lovely puppy-play with her chums Bella & Luna who she can't usually get to walk with, no pics though as they were too fast. 

Three teen boys together made for an amazing walk for them, quite a handful for me, but loads of good healthy educational play among two young boys Moses and Larry, with Duke who is just being a youth now since he probably wasn't given the chance in his previous life..

Rocco & Busta really deserve a Good Conduct award for their wonderful ways lately, R is toning down the alarm-shouts considerably which is fab after so much effort to redirect him, and delicate little B is more outgoing and brave, and tolerant, both boys really up and a delight to be with.                                                                                                              
    Ring a ring o' roses ....

21st August

After the Crisis of the Keys at start of week, what a lovely one we're having ... though glad some rain overnight has interrupted the growing heat and dryness that is just above what we dogs find comfy ... 

Not very many pics so far, walking Charlie and Louis the Cockers who need both hands and to be watched ~ and occasionally chased, Charlie! ~ as we get to know each other, enjoying the delights of South East London ... and failing to get bosom buddy loonies Poppy and Moses as anything other than a blur! Moses Jess and Poppy looking a bit shifty here under the trees at East Wickham :)  and all playing beautifully in the open when it was cloudier.

Bella & Luna were delighted to explore the Pleasaunce in east Greenwich on a hot afternoon, happily roaming, squirrelling and ball-squeaking over the bones of long-ago pensioned sailors!  A tiny park for normal use, but a lovely change for a slow-paced shady walk on a warm afternoon, bar flurries for squirrels, with Bella galloping after Jess's initiated dashes, hopeful every time despite experience ...

Back from hols

I'm so lucky to have a job I love that I don't get post-holiday blues!  Good to see the hounds again, and to have this gorgeous weather continuing only less intense for them .. 

Bella and Luna were delighted to compete ~ with Jess as well ~ for a new squidgy ball; now a soggy squidgy ball  ;) ... Bella laughing at having laid her paws on both the balls in play, Go Belle!
Poppy and Moses are now officially having a fling, a lovely match as they're both young, bouncy and as daft as each other, they keep it quite light though for now and Moses isn't above keeping his options open with Luna... or Maggie, or Bella , or ...
I love the shot of Jess and Poppy kicking their heels, as Moses heads off after Maggie, galloping ahead on the meadows at East Wickham where we love the mown paths surrounded by long grass for adventuring  :)

5th August

Phew been too busy with the Pets for much blogging, summer madness!  Lovely to have retriever 'pup' Larry back; he's grown a foot in 2 weeks!  He was delighted to get out with his pals again at Oxleas, especially as he was surrounded by beautiful girls, though he still just sees them as playthings. Perfect cooler bright day with a breeze through the fur, we got the chance to gambol on the slopes instead of having to hide in the shade .. and missed most of the rain showers too!

Photos very cumbersome on this blog, takes forever to load them, apologies there aren't more .. One from last week of Maggie with a small curious Chihuaha at her side; Lui Jess Maisy and Sophie investigating a burned out expanse of meadow behind Severndroog; Bella indulging in a good backrub at east Wickham while Poppy waits for a play!

31st July, Yay we like this weather better

Well, maybe not the heavier rain, but nice temperatures and enough rain to refresh our parks, is top notch for the gaggle.  Great not to have to shirk every ray of sun in car and on foot, we've rediscovered the more open places, Maggie liked being at the top of the steps at Oxleas rose garden, while Bella got a good sniff of the roses .. or, maybe it was any food litter left behind by picnickers... The chihuahas were in effect climbing steps about 10 feet high in human terms ~ impressive!

Good to be back in East Wickham OPen Space too, a new place I think for Bella & Luna, so what with tiny Poppy not taking No for an answer, some nice play was had!  Gorgeous pic of Izzy and Pops sharing a joke too , Good to be back in East Wickham OPen Space too, a new place I think for Bella & Luna, so what with tiny Poppy not taking No for an answer, some nice play was had! Good to be back in East Wickham OPen Space too, a new place I think for Bella & Luna, so what with tiny Poppy not taking No for an answer, some nice play was had! Sweet pic of Izzy and Poppy sharing a joke there as we had our drink stop. Btw how many dogs can fit their snouts into a little porta-bowl ... ? 

Long time no post

Sorry about silence, we've been working on staying cool, dogs flagging a bit and so is their dogwalker!  Especially with a madly doggy and kit-ty week enhanced by a tyre blowout, all my fault.  

It was great to have Izzy back after her hols, though with her Shiba coat she really isn't into the heat. Lui has been having regular walks and really settling into the way of it, not shouting the odds in the van (as a lot of new dogs do at first) and getting on with everyone. Amazing they still seem to have enough energy for busy pottering the odd game among the trees.
There was bravery as well, as Bella handled a brief infatuation by Moses like she's quite used to admirers which I'm sure she is; and poor Mabel got 2 long grass seed barbs in her delicious spanielly ears and had to go to the vet. Also bravery from the water wildlife in Sutcliffe Park as terrier-ist Wuffa circled them like Jaws for several minutes while the others looked on in astonishment and me in exasperation :-o

Poppy and Moses are also having a bit of a thing ~ P's hair looks hilarious in this pic, seeing as she's such the neatest little flirt normally.

Heatwave continuing :-/

Sure, middle of the day isn't ideal time to be out in these climes but we're still about managing to stay cool at Oxleas, grabbing the shady parking spots and pottering about half a mile in total with pauses / pawses at key fallen logs.  They get the leg stretching, sniffs and the latest on the grapevine without overheating the old bod too much.  Muddy and the little Chi's opted for the woody parts of Eltham Park on Tuesday and walked round with a lovely calm no-nonsense JRT girl who tutted Rocco for shouting at her in the nicest way, that little man was charmed into silence, a perfect educational experience for him, losing his anxiety gradually. Weds pm Maggie and Mabel behaved more like sensible ladies on the woodland paths while Moses and Larry didn't seem to clock the 32 degrees it had reached out in the streets, fun-loving teenage boys.

We didn't get round to photos last coupla days, apologies.


Yikes this weather is getting a bit silly now, in the dogs' view ... we are still managing to keep our cool by parking in shade, sticking to woods, and having frequent bevy stops to gather our thoughts (well, where applicable..) There isn't a scrap of natural water or mud left up there now, their little faces were so disappointed  at the dried-up water mains that Bella could still wallow in last week! 

The afternoon lot were all water-friendly so we zoomed to Danson park and had a brilliant clown around in the lake at 'dog beach' ... Jess let Larry and Maggie get the wettest :)

Friday 12th

Too busy for pictures today, entertaining the troops .. Chihuaha boys glad it was only Muddy with them today, he's big but they know him now to be a gentle lovely aloof boy who doesn't threaten to squash them like some of the more boisterous souls .. it was almost chilly, in Eltham Park, the tinies and Jess had a lovely gambol on the lovely meadowy part that we can spend time in when the beating sun doesn't send us scuttling woods-wards ..

Got pretty sweltering later though, and we met up with my friend and her 2 Springers, to chill out in Maryon Wilson park, I think Poppy's first time there, she was sweet going 'coo' at the animals, they all loved the change of scene as we don't often go. Maggie made the most of little side-paths as always, wonderful recall too. We had a long sit down in shade, Larry and Poppy goofed about while Maggie got in a good bit of cuddling, making the others all want a share which was funny, and lovely :)

Weds 10th

Yay, a slightly doggy-friendlier temperature today, we went to Sutcliffe Park in the morning, less shady than Oxleas but nice around 11.00 and we all love to cool off in the stream ... in fact I was in as well, to lift tiny Rocco & Busta in for a drink and toe-cool in the shallows, they were too cautious to try it alone but were so happy to feel the cold water! Until Larry realising he's a Retriever, suddenly discovered the joys of water and went bonkers in and out of it, the little Chihuahas cuddled close to me as we watched him.

Afternoon shift went to Oxleas, lovely cool, mad chasing across the wide paths led by Bella who doesn't usually start the lunacy!  She was probably trying to make it clear to young Moses that she just wanted to be friends; he's getting used to life post-testosterone and still rather fancied our Bella; I don't know why Poppy and Maggie weren't to his taste! He's doing fantastically on listening and responding now he doesn't have to focus on nature's intentions for a young man ..  a sweet and friendly lad.

Oohh BELLA!  Cocker x hippopotomus?  Oh well, a bit niffy, but coool n happy  :)

Coool for ... dogs!

Woa, not perfect weather for the canines but we had a great cool time, in East Greenwich Pleasaunce, too small for full-on bouncy walks but just right for Bella Larry and Jess this morning to avoid a hot drive and potter about in the shade of trees and among the gravestones! And an attempt on a pile of bin bags but not successful ~ eh, Bella baby?! Such a good girl coming back for her sausage though, mostly!
We had a couple of drinks stops despite Larry's passion for the foldup bowl as a toy ~ everything's a toy when you're only 5 and a bit months innit Larry  ;)  Here they are takin it eeesy ..

Oxleas this afternoon was deliciously cool as we wended between the trees, Maggie Jess and Poppy were able to dash down all the little side paths without any overheating, and here sniffs in mottled shade are so pleasant for all.
Nearly back at van, Jess and Poppy suddenly dived into a mad game which culminated in a Jessica-dig that Pops joined in with enthusiastically, seems they had similar ideas about landscaping design...

New adventures

I think almost every dog went to a new place on Thursday, how exciting! In the morning we ventured into long-neglected parts of Eltham Park North, losing ourselves pleasantly, Mabel reminiscing while Rocco, Busta and Jess sampled winding side paths for the first time, judging roughly where we were by the distant road sounds, I think they (wrongly) trusted my sense of direction! 

Then our second group finally found the best of Bostall Woods down near Poppy's flat, they love exploring and in between we all concentrated on not getting lost :)
Poppy & Larry's love affair is still blossoming, though Poppy did break off to have a dalliance with a Springer boy more her own age, but since Larry is also still flirting with Izzy, that all seems fair.  

In the afternoon Bella, Luna, and Jess all relished the pond and stream in Sutcliffe Park, Bella lying down in it and hanging on to the precious squeaky ball, while new girl Lui was not to be coaxed in but had wonderful crazy dashes in the long grass. Btw anyone who shakes their head at this time of year, worth a good look in ears etc, as the long grasses are irresistible but a bit seed-y!

Thursday:  Oops, this time we really did get lost in the woods, Izzy was looking very sceptical when I kept turning back and was threatening to go her own way if I didn't choose the right path pronto! I often give them a turn at choosing the way we go, they quite like a turn as guide / pack leader ... 

Friday 27th June

Sorry no pics today, we were too busy ..
Jess, Muddy, Rocco & Busta had a damp but very nice walk @ Eltham Park despite Busta's distaste at the rain that I disappointingly failed to switch off at his request!  Rocco is getting So good at managing his worry about other dogs, and Muddy as always loves his adventures out and about, beaming at all other dogs we meet.
Then Maggie, Izzy and young Larry took new girl Lui up to Oxleas this afternoon for a very social walk, walking with a friend's 2 Springers and competing for the best Sit when liver treats appeared, yum!  The rain dried up and we got some lovely chase games on the slopes just meant for it.

Walkies updates!

Rather than dashing off notes for all my owners while the other doggies wait in the van, thought I'd give the blog option a go so the dogs themselves can tell about their day!

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